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Non Fiction - Business/Finance

"It is easy to recommend this book. Jill has covered the topic of getting and keeping a job from A to Z. She brings experience and expertise to her book. It is written in an easy to read and understand manner. I found it both entertaining and informative."


Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)  
          (an entity libraries rely on to order books)

Getting a well-paying job is essential just to survive, July 7, 2008

"How to Get, Keep, and Be Well Paid in a Job is a guide for prospective employees to succeed at their searches for a good job, not to mention tips on the easiest way to keep a plum career - by excelling at it. With an examination of how workplaces function and how the reader can make himself or herself a vital cog in the corporate machine, "How to Get, Keep, and Be Well Paid in a Job" is highly recommended for community library career collections."


 For over 12 years, Jill has excelled in the recruiting industry. Both temporary and full-time placements have consistently set her sales into the multi-million dollar level. Jillís clients are a diverse mix of global law firms; fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, international luxury hotels, fashion houses, textile factories, and media corporations.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Hofstra University and is currently recruiting in the New York metropolitan area.


"Jill DeSena - she's more than a recruiter, she's your lawyer, your friend and someone that makes you feel good when you feel that there is no hope in getting a position; especially during these times.  She got me a job when ALL other agencies said it was virtually impossible to get one. She fought for me and sold me better than anyone I've ever dealt with."  

Eddie Colon

"You can't get a job without first getting an interview, and I learned the hard (and slow!) way that getting an interview is hard.  Despite graduating with honors from a highly-ranked liberal arts school, I did not receive any responses from the 50+ positions I applied to "cold" online.  To be honest, had I received an offer to interview for any of these positions, I probably would have botched it.   It was not until after I sat down with a recruiter that I was properly prepared to show myself in the best light.  No matter how bright and talented you are, or how well your college has prepared you for the real world, in today's market you need to capitalize on any advantage you can; Jill knows what she's talking about, she's been getting recent grads jobs for over 10 years, and every tip she gives you should be put into practice immediately.  It may be counterintuitive, but the qualities that will get you a job are not necessarily the same ones that got you into college, so trust the experts, they can help you get an interview, present yourself well, sell yourself convincingly, and ultimately land a job."  

Erin M. Close


CEO of DTR Inc, a business consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, workplace training, customer service strategies, business plan writing, market research (surveys, skilled focus group facilitator) and on-line marketing.

Developed a work readiness/customer service/ethics training program called the best work readiness certification program in the United States by a representative of the National Skills Standard Board in January of 2003.

Former 13-year Citibank Executive (Service Director); is an expert in all areas of service delivery.  Developed a bankcard customer service profitability model that quantified revenue earned by providing superior customer service.

Former Program Manager for the Palm Beach County Resource Center, an Economic Development Not for Profit Corporation which helped small businesses grow and become financially successful.

Developed a revolutionary entrepreneurship/management/sales training program (S.E.E.K.) that resulted in participants not only learning new skills, but completing customized work products in class that they were able to implement in their workplace.

Published author of the highly-acclaimed work readiness book, How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in a Job, which received a five-star review from the Midwest Book Review an entity libraries rely on to order books.

Teach courses in business plans, web site development, presentation skills (includes how to use PowerPoint), customer service skills, Zig Ziglar sales skills, effective use of the Internet, and more.

Former Board of Director member for the Florida Small Business Initiative, a Not-For-Profit Corporation set up to introduce minority and women businesses to government bid opportunities.

MBA from Long Island University


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